Vision and Values

Vision Statement

"We are committed to developing the whole child through collaboration and authentic partnerships."

At Yarralinka Primary School we believe that all aspects of a child's development need to have a focus within the school- social, emotional, physical, academic. We have a collective ownership for the outcomes of all of our students and it is vital we work together to achieve them. It is important we foster authentic partnership with our families and key partners to support our students achieving their personal success.

School Motto

"Young people, big potential"

We believe that all of our young people (students) have the potential to achieve big things. It is our responsibility as a school to set the conditions to allow this potential to develop and grow. 

School Values

The fabric of our school is built around the four R's:

- Respect

- Responsibility 

- Resilience

- Reach

Respect is centred on ensuring we treat ourselves and others with kindness and care.

Responsibility focuses on ensuring we are making good choices.

Resilience is about our ability to bounce back and try again in all areas of our learning. 

Reach focuses on students striving to achieve their true potential.