School Hours & Term Dates

School Office Hours

8:00am- 4:00pm Monday to Friday

School Instructional Hours

8:30am                     Classrooms open 

8:45am                     School day starts

8:45am- 10:55am    Morning block

10:55am- 11:40am  Lunch break

11:40am- 1:40pm    Mid-morning block

1:40pm- 2:00pm      Afternoon recess

2:00pm- 3:00pm      Afternoon block

3:00pm                    School day finishes

Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students must be taken to class at 8:30am by a parent or carer. Year 1- 6 students are able to walk to their classrooms directly in the morning. At the end of the school day all Kindergarten- Year 2 students need to be collected by a parent or carer from their classroom.

School Gates

Gates to the school will be locked during the school day.

Leaving School Grounds

Parents collecting children before the end of a school day must complete a student leave pass which is available from the school office. 

School Term Dates- 2024

Term 1     Wednesday 31st January- Thursday 28th March

Term 2     Monday 15th April- Friday 28th June

Term 3     Monday 15th July- Friday 20th September

Term 4     Monday 7th October- Thursday 12th December

School Development Days- 2024

Students do not attend school on the below dates as staff will be involved in professional learning and school planning.

Term 2     Friday 31st May

Term 3     Monday 12th August

Term 4     Friday 8th November