Positive Behaviour Support

Yarralinka Primary School has adopted the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) framework as a way to build a positive school culture and attributes within our students. Through this framework we have developed clear behaviour expectations for our students, which are explicitly taught and reinforced in daily school life. Our expected behaviours are aligned to our three school values of respect, responsibility and resilience.  A copy of our school expected behaviours can be found below.

One of the ways we acknowledge students who demonstrate our expected behaviours is through our faction token system. Students are able to receive tokens when they demonstrate these behaviours. Every five weeks, the faction with the highest total receives a reward. When all the factions combined get to a set total (i.e. the school), the whole school participates in a reward together. Not only is our faction token system about acknowledging student behaviour, but it helps to support fostering a sense of being a part of a team.

PBS Expected Behaviours Poster