Yarralinka Primary School Dress Code

Our school dress and presentation requirements are based on our belief of ensuring we maintain high standards for all students at Yarralinka Primary School. The benefits of our school dress code include: promoting a positive image of our school and creating a sense of identity among students; promoting safety of students through easy identification; keeping costs of clothing within reasonable limits for parents; and assisting students to learn the importance of appropriate presentation.


  • Red and charcoal school polo shirt with logo.
  • School faction shirt (blue, gold, green or purple) can be worn on sports day and specified events.
  • Students may wear a long plain sleeve shirt/ skivvy, in the school colours of red or charcoal, under their school polo shirt.

Jackets / Jumpers

  • Red, yellow and charcoal school microfibre jacket.

Pants / Skirts / Shorts

  • Charcoal shorts, pants, skorts, sports skorts, skirt or trackpants.


  • Students are encouraged to wear hair accessories, scarves, skivvies (under school uniform) consistent with the school colour colours of red and charcoal.


  • The Yarralinka Primary School reversible bucket hat is compulsory to wear all year round.
  • The school policy is “No School Hat – No Play” and runs all year round. Students without a hat will be required to play in shaded areas within the school.

The following do not meet our required dress standard and should not be worn to school:

  • Any item of denim clothing
  • Make up including nail polish
  • Torn, ripped or dirty clothing
  • Thongs or flimsy footwear
  • Loose long hair—all hair shoulder length and beyond to be tied back (all students).

The Yarralinka Primary School uniform is available exclusively at Uniform Concepts in Jandakot (24/26 Solomon Rd, Jandakot; 9270 4650)

Below is a link to the school's uniform order form.

Yarralinka PS 2021/22 Uniform Order Form