Explicit Direct Instruction

At Yarralinka Primary School we believe that the instructional practices used by all of our staff needs to be based on designing well-crafted lessons that explicitly content to all students. This is why the school has adopted a common framework for lessons based on Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI). Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) is a strategic collection of research-based instructional practices.  These strategies help teachers deliver well-crafted lessons that explicitly teach year-level content to all students the first time a concept is taught. EDI is an approach that successfully improves learning for all students. 

We use the Engagement Norms, TAPPLE to check for understanding, design lessons and programs using a consistent instructional framework, and provide effective feedback that is differentiated based on student responses.

At Yarralinka PS we implement a whole-school approach to lesson delivery called the "Yarralinka Lesson Model" (YLM). The YLM embeds the use of EDI instructional practices across seven aspects of a lesson. These seven elements are: 

* Hook
* Review
* Lesson intention and success criteria
* Modelled teaching
* Guided practice
* Independent practice
* Reflection